12,5% of every health problem is represented by  mental disorders, a higher number than cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Nevertheless, mental health is one of the greatest taboos of today's society. Luckily, in the last decades there has been much progress in its normalisation, but the way to a healthy and without complexes coexistence with mental health is still quite long. 

According with the Spanish Mental Health Confederation  1 of every 4 person in the world has, had or will have a mental health problem during his life. As it happens, a close familiar of mine suffers from an important mental disorder that determines and discriminates him on his everyday life. On 2020 I decided that I wanted to do something about this and I started creating this project: "El Bosque".

I wrote a story ispired on this situation from wich i composed 7 musical pieces. Later I joined artist  Irene Solé that helped me on taking the project to a deeper dimension. And that's how "El Bosque" was born, a story inspired on my experience near to mental disorders, explained through jazz and live painting.

The music of "El Bosque" is extremely influenced by the music I have played and listened through my entire life. That's the reason why the audience will hear in the compositions shades of  flamenco, classical music, rock and pop, all that mixed up with a great freedom for improvisation, what makes every interpretation of "El Bosque" diferent from the rest of them.